You're getting married.... WHAT?!?! SO AMAZING! This is literally going to be the best, most magical, craziest, hectic, wonderful and emotional day of your life!! When you book with me, you pretty much hire a best friend that will walk this wedding planning journey with you. Someone who will help you, love you, support you, cry over the perfect dress with you, celebrate with you, and who will dance her face off with you all night long. I don't just care about showing up, snapping pictures and bouncing out. I care about doing everything within my power to make your wedding, and this entire experience, the best it can possibly be for you. I am not just your wedding photographer, I am your partner, your friend, your confidant, your support, your biggest fan. I'll be cheering you on from the day you book with me throughout your entire lives together. Your love is WORTH the investment, trust me.

All couples and weddings are so beautiful unique and amazing, because of that, there is no one- size fits all for everyone. That's why I create custom packages for every single couple that inquires about booking their wedding day with me! I love all of the amazing people I get to work with and I want to work with you! Fill out my contact form below with basic information about what you are wanting in a wedding photographer, and let's make some photo magic happen!